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People working in the trucking sectors experience dangerous working scenarios on a routine basis. They are exposed to risks which other industry professionals may consider unfair and unjust. From divers and vessel captains to roughnecks and riggers and dredge workers, the higher pay and work nature majorly offset the risks.

However, when any worker gets injured, they can expect to receive maintenance and cure coverage, which comes under different maritime laws such as the Jones Act.

Options During an Accident

Every seaman knows there are more chances of an accident happening in the maritime industry than in any other industry. Ship employees frequently indulge in heavy labor, on a platform which is constantly shifting and bobbing. Even the most experienced workers could sustain major injuries. And medical care is often inaccessible. As a result, these professionals may end up forfeiting their capacity to work and serve their families, even post a minor accident. Therefore, they require protection to be prepared for the worst possibilities.

Ship employees have protection, but it isn’t state-sponsored. This means the workers cannot be a part of the state’s injury compensation schemes. Rather, they are covered by the Jones Act that lends them access to unique rights during an injury.

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If a worker is too badly hurt to work, the following days could be stress-filled. Though the worker can benefit courtesy Jones Act’s maintenance and cure program, the benefits cease to exist once the worker has recovered. And the recovery could happen within weeks or even few days or hours. This means the recovered worker would no longer have access to medical treatment. It’s therefore ideal to plan for such eventualities.

The Jones Act provides a seaman some level of accident protection and the ability to sue the employer for negligence. Not all working professionals are entitled to this right – maritime workers, in this regard, are offered a unique privilege. A negligence claim can help secure a much bigger settlement compared to what a state compensation plan would fetch. However, the worker should prove negligence – mere assertion isn’t good enough.

The Jones Act considers the vulnerable position of the victim and makes the claim execution process much easier. Usually, the plaintiff must prove that defendant negligence was the principle injury cause. At the time of inquiry claim, the negligence should be demonstrated.

Simply put, the employer or ship owner has a higher liability degree. For example, a worker could be hurt when tripping over the tools of another crew member. However, if there wasn’t sufficient space for storing tools, the injured worker could claim the employer wasn’t considerate enough with providing a safe work space.

Driving and Hazardous Work Scenarios

Moving bulky items by truck or barge is much cheaper compared to other transportation modes. However, speed is the drawback. Also, not all water bodies are deep enough to accommodate barges.

Barges are heavy and this heft brings along its own problems. For instance, it’s not easy to stop a moving convoy during times of emergency. Anything that comes in the way would get sunk or severely damaged, as a result. The barge’s sheer length also makes it difficult often times to look beyond the bow or front during rainy or foggy weather. One shouldn’t be surprised to know that working on your own injury claim can be costly dangerous.

Several injuries and deaths in the maritime industry are due to falling and slipping – either into cargo holds or water. Other injury scenarios include workers getting crushed between ships or objects. However, the majority of injuries are still courtesy minor errors and stumbles.

Hiring an Injury Lawyer

Invariably, finding a great car accident lawyer in Miami is the only option an auto accident has caused times of trouble, such as injury, lost work, lost wages or more. Sans a proper compensation program, seamen could be ruined for life financially, particularly if the injury deems them permanently unfit to work again.

Fortunately, hiring  https://www.joelhschwartz.com/boston-car-accident-lawyer/ can assure you assert your specific rights injured drivers qualify for, and these rights could be used for securing compensation to cover multiple expenses such as medical costs. But, the rights claim must be done at the earliest – any delay could result in the affected worker forfeiting or being denied rights.


With the closely located Ship Channel, Houston has several thousand ship crew and seamen, who often engage in physically dangerous and demanding jobs.

08/09/13-Boston,MA-Boston firefighters keep watch on a truck that is dangling from the route 93 highway, over the Leverett Connector outbound today, August 9, 2013, after a multi-vehicle accident mid afternoon. Staff photo by Mark Garfinkel

At times, these employees could end up performing tasks in the most unfavorable conditions, such as inclement weather. A top car injury attorney in Utah says he sees thousands of injuries from out of State driver s who are just passing through the State. Regardless of whether seamen are working in the petrochemical, shipping, gas and oil, or other industries specific to the sea, they can pursue compensation in the event of injury at work.


A good offshore injury attorney could assist the affected party to attain compensation. If drugs or alcohol are involved, some attorneys are empowered to sue employers for their apparent act of negligence, can get compensation via the maintenance and cure principle, and have a lightweight proof burden for demonstration during claim-filing.

Being able to sue a negligent employer is unique. But this doesn’t translate to affected seamen getting compensation every time a claim is filed. However, the possibilities are much higher. This likeliness wouldn’t have been possible if the affected employee belonged to another industry. The Sacramento car accident lawyer would take the plaintiff’s favorable position into account when preparing for the case, and which would give him the leverage to aim for a much bigger settlement. Predicting what an injured driver’s future expenses would be is not easy, particularly if the accident has caused lifetime disability. With a bigger settlement, the victim can rest assured his future grievances will be well covered.